What's new for Seoul

Planning for the scientific program is well underway. Over the coming weeks we'll be updating these pages with news of the plenary sessions, speakers, symposia, special sessions, and pre-meeting workshops and events.

In the meantime, click here for an overview of the Colloquium program.

Regular Colloquium attendees might notice a few things that are different about the progam in Seoul:

  • Day one of the Colloquium (Sunday 23 October) is focused around education and training. We plan to offer a wide range of full-day and half-day courses and workshops covering different review types (intervention reviews, DTA reivews, network meta-analyses, etc.) or specific methodological aspects of conducting reviews (study identification, assessing bias, health economics, etc.). In addition to these courses, it will be possible to organize scientific meetings.
  • Methods Symposium and #CochraneTech Symposium are integrated within the program. Previously, these symposia have been pre-Colloquium events but by scheduling these symposia on day four of the Colloquium, more people will be able to attend. We are looking at offering another one or two symposia at the same time to provide delegates with a range of options.

Within the program there are seven concurrent sessions (for workhops, oral papers, and special sessions). The number of workshop and oral sessions will depend on the number of submissions and abstracts accepted. The call for abstracts and workshops will open on 24 February. Further details on how to submit requests for special sessions will be posted here in February.

For enquiries, please email colloquium@cochrane.org.