Cochrane Colloquia

Cochrane Colloquia are our annual flagship events, bringing together Cochrane contributors from around the world to discuss, develop and promote Cochrane, and help shape its future.

Since 1993, Cochrane has been conducting annual conferences (Colloquia) in order to allow contributors, partners, researchers, and newcomers to meet, network, exchange ideas, and collaborate, with the purpose of advancing Cochrane's work in evidence-informed health care.

These annual Colloquia provide an opportunity to meet the ongoing challenges of producing, maintaining, and disseminating high-quality systematic reviews that address questions of importance to health globally, and in promoting evidence-informed health care. Colloquia provide the host country or region with a unique opportunity to influence health decision-making at a national and regional level. They also serve as an opportunity to raise the profile of Cochrane as a whole. 

Up to 1500 participants, including leading international names in various branches of health care and research synthesis, take part in these Colloquia. The scientific program, traditionally designed to cater to a broad group of people involved in evidence-based health care, typically includes:

  • up to six plenary sessions featuring world-renowned speakers drawn from within the organization or from related fields;
  • more than 60 workshops tailored specifically to advancing participants’ knowledge in their ongoing Cochrane work;
  • more than 100 oral presentations and more than 250 scientific posters to keep participants up to date with new methods, initiatives, and challenges.