Identification of nursing journals in Spain and Latin America




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Monday 24 October 2016 - 10:30 to 11:00


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Bejarano Y1, Pardo-Hernandez H1, Solà I1, Almiray A2, Vargas A2, Ramírez P3, Garrote V4, Rada G5, Torres A6, Trsitán M7, Gianneo Ó8, Loza C9, Pérez-Gaxiola G2, Correa R10, Bonfill X1
1 Iberoamerican Cochane Network, Spain
2 Iberoamerican Cochane Network, Mexico
3 Iberoamerican Cochane Network, Colombia
4 Iberoamerican Cochane Network, Argentina
5 Iberoamerican Cochane Network, Chile
6 Iberoamerican Cochane Network, Cuba
7 Iberoamerican Cochane Network, Costa Rica
8 Iberoamerican Cochane Network, Uruguay
9 Iberoamerican Cochane Network, Peru
10 Iberoamerican Cochane Network, Panama
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Presenting author:

Xavier Bonfill

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Abstract text
Background: An important proportion of biomedical journals from Spain and Latin America are not indexed in any major biomedical literature databases. It is therefore difficult to identify them in order to search comprehensively, electronically or by handsearching, for controlled clinical trials (CCT) that they have published.

Objectives: To identify all nursing journals published in Spanish, both in Spain and Latin America, in order to analyze and describe their main features.

Methods: All nursing journals that publish original clinical research papers were eligible. We searched MEDLINE, LILACS, SciELO, Latindex, and Redalyc, as well as databases and lists that focus specifically on Nursing journals (Cuiden Citación and the Pan American Health Organization Directory of Nursing Journals). The initial list of the identified journals was sent to active members of the Iberoamerican Cochrane Network in each country, who then reviewed national catalogues, library collections, and other sources in order to verify, correct, and complement the list of identified journals.

Results: A total of 97 eligible nursing journals were identified. Most were from Spain (58, 59.8%), followed by Colombia (12, 12.4%), Mexico (9, 9.3%), Uruguay (4, 4.1%), Chile (3, 3.1%), Peru (3, 3.1%), Argentina (2, 2.0%), Costa Rica (2, 2.0%), Cuba (2, 2.0%), and Panama (2, 2.0%). Results will be presented by country, specialty, database, and activity period.

Conclusions: There is a large number of nursing journals that may publish CCTs, however, most are not indexed in major bibliographic databases. This list of nursing journals we identified could be a useful resource when conducting handsearching activities in order to identify CCTs that otherwise would not be retrieved.