Evidence-based medicine academic league: a hub of Brazilian Cochrane Centre for translation issues




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Tuesday 25 October 2016 - 10:30 to 11:00


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Mateussi MV1, Lovato FH1, Riera R1
1 Escola Paulista de Medicina, Brazil
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Felipe Lovato

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Abstract text
Background: In 2013, Cochrane Brazil (CB) formally created a project to translate Abstracts and Plain language summaries (PLS) of Cochrane Systematic Reviews (SR) into Portuguese. In an effort to speed up the process and increase the number of translations, Brazil's Cochrane Centre (BCC) created and organized a net of collaborative volunteer hubs. The 'newer' hub is the Evidence-based Medicine League from Escola Paulista de Medicina at Universidade Federal de São Paulo.

Objectives: To present the process and practical issues about the partnership between a medical academic league and CB focused on translation of Cochrane SR.

Methods: The translation process will include the following steps.
1: Attendance of a one-hour training on translation and style techniques offered by one CB member of the translation team.
2: Perusal of the 'Manual for a Good Translation into Portuguese'.
3: Identification of a SR of interest in the main priority list maintained by BCC.
4: Providence of a draft translation document in 15 days.
5: To incorporate the suggestions in the document.
6: If additional suggestions are still necessary, the student will have a personal talk with a translation team member in order to present his or her difficulties and clarify any areas of doubt.

Results: Annually, 10 to 20 completed translations are expected to be delivered by each student. Considering that there will be eight to 10 new students each year, we expect 80 to 200 translations from this 'newer' hub of Cochrane Brazil. It is important to highlight that the Evidence-based Academic Medicine League will have a recognition of note on the website of Cochrane Brazil. Moreover, a certificate will be offered to those who complete 20 translations in a one year period.

Conclusions: This partnership could be an model option for other Cochrane Centres, with some advantages: immersion of health students in the culture of Cochrane SR, development of their capabilities and skills in the English language and improvement of knowledge about evidence from Cochrane SRs.