Improving transparency and accountability of priority setting exercises: time for a reporting guideline?


Workshop session 6: Oct 24 Concurrent Session B

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  • Investigating bias
Date and Location


Monday 24 October 2016 - 14:00 to 15:30


Contact persons and facilitators

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Nasser M1, Oliver S2, Uhm S2, Bhaumik S1
1 Priority Setting Methods Group, United Kingdom
2 University College London, Institute of Education, United Kingdom
Target audience

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Target audience: 

Those who have been involved in priority setting exercises, or are interested in participating in them. Editorial groups conducting or considering setting their priorities; review authors considering reports of priority setting to focus their work

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Type of workshop

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90 Minutes


1. To explore the need for a reporting guideline for research priority setting exercises.
2. To discuss checklist items for a reporting guideline for research priority setting exercises.

Background: Concerns about approximately 85% of biomedical research being wasted has led to a flood of priority-setting exercises, not only to prevent conduct of redundant research, but also to ensure optimum usage of resources. The reporting quality of priority-setting exercises, as with other publication types, might vary, hampering the ability to see how priorities were set to ensure transparency and accountability for the process.

Description: The workshop will start with a presentation on a suggested structure for reporting a research priority-setting exercise giving examples from the literature. Following this, participants will have a hands-on exercise to evaluate reporting of certain articles on this topic. We finish the session with a facilitated discussion to develop a draft for reporting items for research priority setting.